1 TikTok

Tik Tok Advertising

If your target customer is on Tik Tok there is a massive opportunity to acquire new customers at extremely low costs. Most advertisers are not capitalizing on the momentum of Tik Tok and those that are see amazing results.

Low Customer Acquisition Costs

Tik Tok is where Facebook was eight years ago where advertisers took advantage of large ad inventories and low CPMs to efficiently acquire new customers.

Performance Focused

We work with clients to set up goals around ad spend, customer acquisition costs, conversion rates and other key metrics. Then we continuously optimize  to achieve those goals.

Measurement and Reporting

Be confident that all pixels and possible third party integrations are accurately measuring our marketing efforts.  Then use our custom dashboards to interpret data in real time.

Younger Demographic

There is no better social platform to target customers in a younger demographic. That being said, younger consumers have different buying behavior and your ad content must represent that.

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